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One vehicle that can do everything

Multifunctional vehicles in service of urban area maintenance

A compact, multifunctional solution for municipalities and utility companies worldwide, tackling tasks like snow plowing, sidewalk cleaning, mowing, watering, and waste collection with specialized attachments. Easy to operate and maintain, MUVO’s compact design, strong engine, and unique chassis make it a versatile and cost-effective alternative to multiple specialized vehicles.

109 HP

Diesel Engine

2,810 kg / 6,194 lbs

Maximum Payload

60 kph / 37 mph

Top Speed


4 Wheel Steering

Main Characteristics

muvo sm power

Small but Powerful

The 80 kW (109 hp) engine combined with the hydraulic system with two independent hydraulic circuits that can drive up to 3 attachments simultaneously make the MUVO suitable for any application on any terrain.

muvo easy maintain

Easy to Maintain

The uniquely designed and vertically positioned engine makes maintenance much easier and more cost-effective, compared to similar small multifunctional vehicles or compact sweepers.

muvo agile


Easy to manoeuvre thanks to 4-wheel steering and crab steering for maximum agility and with a wall-to-wall turning radius of 3.65 meters.

muvo multifunctional


Changing attachments takes only a few minutes and requires minimal effort.

muvo comfortable


Comfortable mobile workplace. Provides the operator with convenient and easy control over the vehicle and attachments.