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The Future of Sustainable Urban Cleaning

Advanced Solutions for a Cleaner, Greener Cityscape

LYNX 5000, a cutting-edge cleaning solution for modern urban landscapes. With rapid urban growth and complex infrastructure, city upkeep is more critical than ever. Featuring diesel, electric, and eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cell options, this sweeper is the green industry’s answer to these challenges.
2.5 m / 98"

Sweeping Width (2 brushes)

3.5 m / 138"

Sweeping Width (3 brushes)


4 Wheel Steering

5 m3 / 6.5 yd3

Total Volume (Hopper)

700 L / 185 US Gal

Total Water Capacity

50 kph / 31 mph

Top Speed

Main Characteristics

LYNX 5000 Cleaning Efficiency

Cleaning Efficiency

Features such as large brushes, wide suction mouth, high suction speed, together with high total water capacity are coordinated to maximise cleaning efficiency. The sweeper has been specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of users while maximizing efficiency and performance.

LYNX 5000 Comfort

Comfort and Visibility

Taking user comfort to new heights and maximising visibility for safe and efficient work, LYNX 5000 represents what purposeful design looks like.

LYNX 5000 Handling


The remarkable handling is made possible by the two–wheel drive on the rear axle, which enables fast movement between work sites and promotes efficient sweeping, while the four–wheel steering (4WS) ensures precise control and maneuverability during work.

LYNX 5000 Autonomy


The LYNX 5000 can work for an entire shift without having to return to the base. With a hopper of 5 m3, 700+ L of water capacity and 100 L of fuel tank, exceptional operating autonomy is guaranteed.

LYNX 5000 Functional Design

Functional Design

The distinctive design from LYNX 2000 is successfully transferred to new sweeper edition of LYNX 5000, giving a touch of modern elegance, but also uncompromised visibility, enabling top performance and efficiency.

LYNX 2000 Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Recognizing that operators have different levels of experience, the LYNX 5000 comes with a set of pre-defined working modes. This allows even the most inexperienced user to start operating the machine almost immediately. For more demanding and advanced users, the control system enables easy setting, customization, and storage of all working parameters.