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MUVO One vehicle that can do everything

A compact, multifunctional solution for municipalities and utility companies worldwide, tackling tasks like snow plowing, sidewalk cleaning, mowing, watering, and waste collection with specialized attachments. Easy to operate and maintain, MUVO’s compact design, strong engine, and unique chassis make it a versatile and cost-effective alternative to multiple specialized vehicles.

LYNX 2000 Compact cleaning solution for 21st century cities

With cities expanding rapidly and infrastructure becoming more complex, the role of city maintenance workers is both increasingly difficult and essential. The LYNX 2000 addresses these needs. Offered in both diesel and electric models, it is equipped to handle future challenges.

LYNX 5000 Advanced Solutions for a Cleaner, Greener Cityscape

LYNX 5000, a cutting-edge cleaning solution for modern urban landscapes. With rapid urban growth and complex infrastructure, city upkeep is more critical than ever. Featuring dieselelectric, and eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cell options, this sweeper is the green industry’s answer to these challenges.

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